Who wants to help solve an air leak problem!?


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May 23, 2016
Got the pool all ready to open. Currently slamming it while adding CYA, and I have an air leak!

So, let me start off by saying every year I have problems with my pressure side hose return to the pool with leaks. I bought a new hose. Got it on. Realized my 3 way diverter was leaking where a screw is missing. Took a screw out of the other side (until I get a new one that matches), put it into the leaky side, and voila the leaks on the pressure side are all gone!

So, now, I see I am still getting air into the system though... Bubbles in the return.

I notice when I shut off my pump that water was coming out of the pump pot. So, I figured... hey that isn't tight enough! I took it off. Retightened it.... The pump no longer shoots water out of the pump pot when I turn it off (The first time I re-tightened it I tightened it so much I couldn't get it back off... almost killed myself getting it back off again).

I've been checking hoses and such, but I can't hear any air going in or feel any suction anywhere.

My pump usually runs at 20 psi. I am getting like 19 psi. But, I am pretty sure the aeration will mess up my PH.