Where is my impeller???


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May 22, 2008
Hi everyone. Im brand new in this forum, but it seem a good place for me to seek advice. Im a dane living in Sweden and my swedish is so much worse than my english, that I decided to try here first ;o)

My sandfilter pressure is low. Around 8 and has been that way much of the time since intalling the pool 3 years ago. Now, I checked my filter and skimmer and everything, and there doesn't seem to be any bubbles indicating airprobs anywhere. When I seach for topics on this site, the reply seems to be : Check you impeller!!

And I would LOVE to! But I can't seem to find it. Feeling a bit silly *LOL*
I've got an Astral pump nr 5 ( CV; 1 and Kw; 0,625) for my 10T gallon pool and I was told purchasing the pool, that that was adequate or a little above. Is that about right?
I tried seaching the pump with a finger, but can't find nothing but a hole so small, that not even a screwdriver can go in (I think) And when i search the pipe where the water goes out of the pump I dont find any impeller.....

Anybody who can help me???

Thanks in advance
Lonnie, Sweden


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Jun 12, 2007
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In front of your electric motor, the pump should have a lid on it with a basket under the lid. Open the lid, and remove the basket. You should see a small hole on the side with the electril motor. Your impeller is in that hole. If you need to replace it, you may need to come from the other side (removing the motor, etc.).


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Apr 4, 2007
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Filter pressure is variable, and depends on pump size, plumbing and filter size and condition. The important thing is flow. You want to feel a strong water flow at the returns in the pool. It should be possible to block the flow on a return with your hand, but you should have to put a little effort into it.

The impeller is inside the housing between the motor and the strainer basket. There is a hole in the strainer basket housing where water feeds into the impeller housing.

Here's an image of an Astral pump. The impeller is inside the housing right above the letter L on the picture:

Your English (or my understanding) fine until this line:

Kokinos said:
I've got an Astral pump nr 5 ( CV; 1 and Kw; 0,625) for my 10T gallon pool
I'm not really sure what you have. 10,000gallons? A little more than a half HP pump or 0.625KW (0,625KW in European format)?

If so, that's probably adequate for the water volume, and if the filter is big enough you wouldn't show a lot of filter pressure.


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May 22, 2008
Thank you so much for the answers!! :-D

Jep, I think I found it! But I was looking for at small kind of "propeller" (Does that make sence to you?)
Instead I found what seems to be a round kind of thing with the water being sucked in around it I imagine... But anyways, yes my pool is what I believe to be 10,000 gallons, that is, if a gallon is around 5 liters. And the pump is as you requested a little over a half HYP. I was hoping that the pressure is low, due to the slightly overpowered engine (as I was told by the poolcompany, but they proved to be not very trustworthy on a number of other issues, so I wanted to make sure) And if I understand you correctly John, that seems to be the case then. And my filter is big enough. (cant remember specs, but I recall to have checked that once before)
And my flow is fine too :-D I just vacumed today and though I have to stop occasionally to allow the pressure to lower and the suction (ARW my spelling, my dictionary is in Denmark :oops: ) to come back, it went smoothly. I backwashed too and the pressure is now around 9.

Again, thank you so much for your help!!!
Regards Lonnie

--and just now I discovered the Spellcheck function hehe :roll:


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Jan 31, 2008
Welcome aboard Kokinos,

May I ask, your gallon, are you using the British (Imperial) gallon which is 4.546 litres? Most common measure used on this forum would be the US Gallon which is 3.785 litre. And your pressure would be in PSI (pound per square inch). I'm using metric here but soon got accustomed to the US measure so as not to mislead other members on the forum.

You can do a conversion and put them in your signature. BTW, don't worry about your English, we'll ask if we don't understand. Just shoot with your querries.