When a pool build never ends


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Feb 10, 2023
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After a seemingly ok dig and build stage of the project, pretty much everything else went wrong. The list is long, and it is shameful.
However, we were in sight of the end when they drilled the holes for the anchors for the pool cover we paid for but was never ordered. I believe it exists now but well, the anchors were 'installed' at angles, some flush, some not, and...trainees with dull drill bits were used. An interesting choice given the amount of mistakes they have made and the amount of work that they have been compelled to do to fix those mistake post startup.
So today, they have to demolish the deck, form, and repour the entire thing. It is the only way to correct the mistake the PB made that doesn't involve some kind of unnacceptable compromise for their convenience.
Pic below from a video feed and the other one is from this site. We have a few of those too but, much more obviously bad if you can imagine.
I've now spoken with the owner who said of course our experience sounded bad but she doesn't to 'that side of the business' so she 'connected' me with one of the few employees I haven't met.
The General Manager finally made himself known and seems to have made an apology, fired some people, and managed to avoid accepting responsibility for any of it but 'will make it right'.
There were a few hiccups during construction, but after the last check was cut...well thats when everything that could be done the wrong way, was. Obviously, have swum in pool and love it though. ha


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So today, they have to demolish the deck, form, and repour the entire thing.
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Jun 16, 2019
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I had to have a concrete deck jackhammered and redone a year after new construction due to the builder’s error. You learn a lot about the character of the builder based on how they handle when things go wrong. You’ll be happy you have your deck how you want it when all is said and done, and hopefully you end up with an overall positive impression when all is said and done.

The concrete work left my pool with a lot of fine concrete dust. The builder sent a guy with a special vacuum and filter that really got almost all of it out without running the water through my filter. I would ask for that or some other means to not have to deal with the dust for weeks on end (even after they did it, it still took some time for it all to disappear).
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