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May 6, 2015
So we bought a house that had a pool. One of the first things I noticed as both jets in the shallow end instead of opposing ends. What I notice is that my skimmer is pointless! Because there's no jet on the deep end to direct water into it I can drop leaves on the surface 3" from the opening of the skimmer and they will float on by. This thing only gets the stuff right in front of it. What's the deal? Anyone else have their pool built like this and have a fix for skimming? It's so annoying to be swimming and in minutes be swimming with a bunch of surface debris and an empty skimmer. I might have to clean my skimmer twice a season, and I'm in the south where the season is 7-8 months long.


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Jan 6, 2010
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Not quite so bad, but yes, my skimmer isn't where it ought to be.

Check that you have a weir (flapper) on that skimmer. It does make a difference.

If your pump draws X amount of gallons per minute, you can crunch numbers to get cubic feet per minute. For simple math, let's say the opening is 2 feet wide and 6 inches deep and the pump pulls 100 cfm. Every minute, one hundred linear feet get drawn in. Now add a weir so the effective water level is only 1/2" deep. Now you need to pull water in 12 times faster to keep the skimmer well full since water seeks its own level. That's a pretty stiff current, and should be enough to draw some floating debris in.

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