We Have A Paver Under Each Leg Should We Put Pull Pad/Tarp On Paver?


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Jun 10, 2020
Vienna, VA
We had our ground leveled and have a paver to go under each leg of an Intex prism frame pool. The pavers are buried so the edges are level with the ground. Can we put the pool pad/tarp, I say tarp because it’s really a plastic tarp, over the paver and under the leg or will that cause the leg to slip. I see a lot of questions on forums about pavers but nothing I can find about the tarp positioning. I guess this would be similar to putting the tarp over concrete slab, can the tarp go under the leg and over the concrete or not? I’m afraid it will create a slipping issue but having never set up a pool before I don’t know if the weight will hold it in place.


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May 8, 2020
I wouldn't put it over the paver/ under the leg. I just folded or rolled mine up and it sit between leg and liner. There was not much extra on mine. You probably dont want anything bulky between leg and liner if that makes sense.