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Sep 26, 2020
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Hello Everyone!

New build here...the plaster was done today and acid wash will be done tomorrow and then the team will start filling the pool with water tomorrow. What do I need to do?! I tested the calcium hardness and total alkalinity of my water using my test kit from TFP. My stats are below. There are two water bibs outside - one near the pool and one where the auto fill is connected to. The water bib near the pool has no calcium and is connected to my water softener (assuming this based on the fact there is no calcium in the water) and the second water bib had calcium in it when doing the test.

What else do I need to do? I know I need to check my meter tomorrow before they start filling and then monitor different points of the fill for reference. My PB said they will come back in a few days to put in the chemicals. I have not set up my pool math yet. We will have a salt water pool but the initial month it will be a chlorine pool. The PB will be doing weekly maintenance of the pool to balance out the chemicals - should I set up the pool math and try to mimic what they do?

I am getting nervous...=)

Calcium Hardness
  • Outside pool fill: started purple - 1 drop
  • Inside: 1 drop (same as outside)
  • Auto fill tap: red - 8 drops - 200
Total Alkalinity
  • outside pool: 12 drops - 120
  • Auto fill tap: 12 drops - 120
  • inside: 12 drops - 120


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Jan 17, 2012
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First off- Congrats!!

The hose(s) will be placed in the deep end. Put a sock on the end of the hose to keep the metal end off the surface of the pool. One recent poster said they put the hose thru a section of noodle so that it would float as the pool filled. No matter what happens DO NOT TURN THE WATER OFF or you risk leaving intermittent water stopping marks on the pool.

Register your warranty online. You need to follow the installer's guide for the first month.

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