Waste line leak...faulty multi-port?


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Apr 24, 2015
Long Island, NY
Hello All,

I am losing water at a pretty significant rate. The waste line, which dumps out onto the street, is dripping enough so that there's a constant puddle of water in the gutter (pic below). Hard to believe that a drip could amount to that much water loss, but it's the only problem I can see. Praying it's not a buried return line.

Anyway, it's my 6th season with the pool and I can only guess that the equipment is much older (maybe 15 years older or more) so the question is, do you think the multi-port is the source of the problem leak and should I attempt to rebuild the multi-port or should I just bite the bullet and replace the whole contraption?

The port is labeled Hayward Vari-Flo XL Model#SP0714T.

Any and all recommendations are gratefully welcomed.


*image #1 and #2 shows water loss overnight after running pump for 4 hours.
*image #3 shows multi-port valve label

*image #4 shows waste line and water loss at street


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The spider gasket in the valve would be my first suspicion. Do a quick Google search for that valve (parts diagram) because there may also be some other parts worth changing while you have it open and exposed like O-rings, springs, etc. Lastly, compare the total cost of those parts to a new valve. Sometimes it's just cheaper to swap the entire valve.
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