Waiting on Test Kit, what to do for two weeks?


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Jun 8, 2017
Lindsay Ontario
I just opened my pool and I am waiting on my TF100 test kit which I won't be getting until Jun 14. I don't plan on swimming for a while since the weather here in Ontario has been pretty poor. In past years I have just used pucks in the skimmer basket. I am planning to convert to the TFP way.

Last week I initially poured three jugs of no name bleach from the local grocery store(not sure the %) My water is pretty clear around 60 degrees. The test strips that I have are showing everything normal except PH which is yellow(low).

What should I do while I am waiting for my test kit?

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What should I do while I am waiting for my test kit?
Not much really without good test numbers. The cold water is helping you. I would continue to add a small amount of regular bleach to the water every couple days until the kit arrives. Test strips are simply horrible. As much as I hate to say it, unless you have a local store that has a cheap drop test tester fro FC & pH, you might consider having a pool store run a set of tests once a week or so. Just focus on the FC & pH for now. Once your kit arrives, we can help you with everything else.