Vinyl Liner Pattern Roundup Project - Post Pic & Name Of Your Liner


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Sep 1, 2019
Hi we are picking pool liners now for our build: My new build plan (NJ) - feedback welcome!

Our builder uses Loop-loc liners. The color we prefer based on pictures is Opalescent Blues. It is a tile look with no border and a slight shimmer in sunlight. See here:

Does anyone have this color liner? Would love to see some higher res pictures or reactions.
Here is the looploc opalescent blues liner, without water (close to dusk) and half-filled with water (in the morning).


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May 25, 2020
I need help asap :(. We are replacing a pool liner for a indoor pool. Our top choices are del caribe which is a tan blue pebble or a grey granite. Our pool gets no direct sunlight but the room has a lot of windows. It also has a tile floor with a border that I have to match up so we are going borderless. I'm attaching photo of border. I like the grey but I'm concerned it's going to look like a dark hole in a indoor room. If you have either liner please let me know your opinions. It's really difficult since it's in a room. I'd appreciate any suggestions :)



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May 29, 2020
Southeast US
We went with Latham Natural Gray! We really like it, but it sooo much greener than we anticipated? Anyone else have this issue subside? We’ve already started salting it, I’m hoping it loses a little bit of the green.
Did it end up losing the green color? Natural Grey is one of our possibilities, but we don’t want the aqua/green tint.