VERY Wide Spillover..... ???


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May 10, 2007
Baton Rouge, LA
Ok.... after a few month of planning, and a few months of building, I'm down to the last opportunity to make changes (with out spending tons in re-work)

One thing that I'm doing different than most, and it's certainly not THAT unusual, but thought that I should ask about it before it's too late.

My spillover will be about 5' wide. Several months ago, I saw the pic shown below (assuming the link works), and thought it would make a nice dramatic scene for my pool... and maybe serve as the compromise to the rock waterfall that my wife was wanting.

Theoretically, the only real difference between this pic, and mine will be that mine will have an "old brick" veneer, rather than the flagstone (or whatever that particular stone is called.)

My question: What are the disadvantages to having such a large spillover?




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Mar 29, 2007
Ontario, Canada
The only ones I can think of is since you have a larger aeration area, you will have constant pH rise/more evaporation/more heat loss (you are in the south, not such a bad thing) ummm, its more loud?


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May 7, 2007
Silver Spring, MD
That looks wonderful!

You won't have any special problems because of that. You will get a little more aeration, which can be either good or bad depending on your goals at any given moment. The aeration difference won't be that large, so a very minor issue either way.


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May 10, 2007
Baton Rouge, LA
thanks guys,

Yes, the heat loss, in my unexperienced opinion should be a definite plus. This is my first pool, but in south La, one of the things that we seem to battle is water that gets TOO warm. So warm that it is a big consideration in plaster color selection.

I've thought about the evaporation, and I've read y'alls posts where areation pushes balances one way or another, so I realize that will be a consideration along the way.

Thanks for reinforcment that I'm not making a terrible mistake, at least without seeking out some opinions as I do it.

Enjoy your Fourth!