Upgrading Jandy 6614


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May 14, 2022
Fort Worth, TX

Need some help. I have an older Jandy Aqualink and Aquapure system. It's worked well -- or at least I have kept it bandaided for the past 15 years. I think I am at a point for an upgrade because:

* Remote is wonky/slow/eats batteries
* No connection between Aqualink and Aquapure. Last maintenance guy seemed to think it was on the Aqualink side. Hence I can't control the Aquapure remotely....I have to do it from the control panel. So they are disconnected.
* Would like to upgrade to use an app instead of the wonky remote.

Does it make sense to stay in the Jandy lineup and replace/upgrade the Aqualink? What do I need?
Or - is there something better? And yeah, I understand that this would entail upgrading the Aquapure as well (and would be the more expensive route).

Thanks for the advice!



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Feb 27, 2022
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Indeed, the Jandy remote is hot garbage (if you're referring to the PDA, although the wireless OneTouch is also rubbish).

You've got a couple of options - 1. You can piece together a more updated system from used parts, which is what I did because I'm cheap and the last owner's of my home lost the old PDA. For a few hundred bucks and some of my own time and I was able to upgrade to the latest Aqualink firmware and put an indoor wall mounted controller by the patio door.

Alternatively, #2, you can upgrade to an iAqualink 3.0 (only 3.0 - the 2.0s have known WiFi issues and people try to sell used ones for as much as new 3.0 models) and be able to control the system from your phone. I don't do Internet of Trash devices, so this was out for me, but I know many people on this forum are a big fan of the system. If you're handy, you can easily do it yourself. Look for the iAqualink 3.0 iQ30-RS kit. That specific kit will give you everything you need - the power center PCB, the WiFi J-box, and the wiring between the two. I see online merchants have them for around $1100.
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