Undersized IC40? Phosphate Demand? Your advice would greatly help....


Jul 18, 2019
Central Florida
I wonder if there is anyone else with integrated water features that might have some input on this. So I was wondering if it's possible to tweak your pool plumping somehow so you can get flow to the lower pond without aeration.. perhaps a pipe from the rain thingy.. Or what kind of bubbler is feeding that lower pool. If it is a Venturi type return you could take the bubbler mechanism out or if its a jet, change the nozzle and it might act as a regular return. Just a thought..
Let le look at the skimmer return idea, they are venturi's maybe I can bypas the wall more than I realized.


And thanks to all with idea....I wont try to get much lower than 7.7 and If finish off with a weekly acid baking soda cycle as a last resort.


Gold Supporter
Jul 8, 2015
Then you can take the Venturi nozzle out of the return with a socket and it becomes basically a regular return.. If there are other Ventrui's on that loop it will affect the bubbling of the other ones. This happened in my Spa when I lost a Venturi nozzle at some point. But I figure it might be a avenue worth exploring.