Umbrella for Sun Ledge


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May 2, 2019
Orange Park, Fl
Hello all,
I am new to this page and we are literally finishing our pool construct this next week. We have a large sunshelf with about 4in of water and a sleeve for an umbrella. We have had pools in the past but not with a shelf and in-pool umbrella area. I have seen some of the cool LED solar umbrellas and would love to have one. My question is....can we use any umbrella, as long as it is aluminum and approved metals....I know not to use wood etc...we won't be leaving the umbrella in the pool and probably won't use it to much at all....all of the LED ones I have seen say they require a base and not for use in a I have also seen with umbrellas in general. I have googled, in pool umbrellas, baja shelf brella's, tanning shelf brella's ...etc... I have seen some umbrellas upwards 6-700$....not really wanting to spend that much...where do y'all get your umbrellas for in pool?? Do they make them LED for in pool? BC I can't find one that specifically says it can go in the pool....Thanks in advance, I am sure I will be on here a lot...this pool is not like any we have had before. Its new and more updated haha....


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Jun 7, 2017
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We use a standard Home Depot aluminum pole deck umbrella in our sunshelf sleave. I would think any umbrella, including wood ones, would be fine. Not sure why they say not to use the LED ones I suspect as a CYA thing. I assume you are talking about those ones that have the little LED lights on them. They are low voltage but of course "not approved for pool use".


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Mar 29, 2016
Yep, your standard Lowes / Home Depot issue patio umbrellas will work just fine. Ous is just finishing up its 2nd season and still looks brand new. I think i paid less than $70 for it.
I used to just leave it in the pool overnight, but one morning late last season, I was mindlessly cranking it open when a bat flew out...whooshed right past my ear. After changing my shorts, I decided to bring it in at night.
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