Trouble with salt cell

Jun 16, 2012
Week ago check salt cell light flasing. Followed the steps of Cleaning and added salt. Today took pool sample to pool store to be tested. Said salt was at 4000. When home checked the reading on swim pure plus box. It clicks on reads salt at 2200 then after a few minutes display goes to solid light on check salt and check cell. Took water and cell to pool place again. cell test working properly and salt test at 3900. Not sure what to do. Left salt system on off for 24 hours while pump ran. Cleaned filter. Put system back on auto salt reads 2200 for about a minute then generating clicks off and goes to solid light on check salt and check cell. Any help on next step would be appreciated!!


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May 7, 2007
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I can only think of two possibilities. Either your pool store salt level testing is way off, or they are wrong about the cell testing as fine. Neither of those is especially surprising.

How old is the cell? They typically last 3 to 5 years. When the cell is failing it will report a lower than actual salt level. On the other hand, pool stores getting the salt level wildly wrong is much more common than you might imagine.
Jun 16, 2012
Thank you for your quick response. I thought the same thing so went to two different pool places to test cell and water and both came back with cell testing fine and salt at 3900 and 4000. The cell is three years old. I have done the recalibration reset and the diagnostic reset and having same problem. Is there a whole to reset the entire system by throwing the breaker?