Time for a new pump

May 7, 2010
My old hayward super pump appears to be very near failure. The bearings are making a horrible screeching noise and the main seal is leaking. I think the pump may be near 20 years old, so it is time for a replacement.

Some info about my pool -

2 skimmers, 2 returns, 1 1/2" plumbing for all. The piping to my main drain has a leak and is capped in the main drain and at the equipment pad. I only have one line coming to the pad from both skimmers, and one line leaving the pad to the two returns, so the lines must be T'd somewhere. The pressure on my filter is about 15 psi when clean. The max flow rate for my filter is 44 gpm. I know, the filter is probably undersized for the pool. The previous owner installed it, not me. The next upgrade will be a nice, oversized DE filter - probably next year though, I just replaced all of the laterals and standpipe in the pump and would like to get at least one full year out of it.

Also - no water features in this pool or spa. The equipment pad is at the same elevation as the pool deck.

I am considering a Whisperflo WF-23 (3/4 HP uprated, single speed, standard efficiency). Electricity in my area is quite cheap (about $.08 per kilowatt hour), so a variable speed pump is out of the question. A 2 speed may be worth it, but I'm not sure. I have no idea how many feet of head are in my system. FWIW, prior to two days ago the super pump was operating w/o cavitation or any bubbles in the basket at all.

Any thoughts on this pump?


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May 7, 2007
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If you are getting a WhisperFlo, you might as well go for the high efficiency version, which will save you 10% on your electric bill. Or, better yet get a two speed. The cost to run a two speed on low is about half as much as a similarly sized single speed, even though you have to run it twice as long.