Three (3) 2-way diverters vs one (1) 3-way and one (1) 2-way


Mar 28, 2015
East Moriches
OK FIRST----------My goal

Adding diverters so I can bypass my heater when not needed (For example, when I first open the pool and at past the end of the season when I still run the filter prior to closing it for the year - I will not be using these diverters during the summer season. So they will be used to bypass the heater once in the beginning of season and once in the end.


My brain hurts from my OCD searching...i've thrown in the towel trying to figure out why when I ALWAYS come across pictures of people bypassing their heaters they always use 3 diverter valves? For example in my first drawing I have 3 diverter valves b/c Im just resembling what I always see online. However, after thinking things thru for the 19th time why can't I just use 1 3 way and 1 diverter as I have in the 2nd drawing? I have a feeling I'm overlooking someone really obvious

To try and answer my own question is it b/c diverter valves are not really isolation valves? If I go with the 3 way could I cause a little air leak possible in the system when I bypass the heater? If its minuscule and nothing to worry about i suppose i can do this 3 way idea as I'll only be utilizing it a few times a yearView attachment 58064View attachment 58065View attachment 58066

Anyhow any help would be enormously appreciated.!!

First pic is current setup (pipe is angled so I can walk up to the filter without having to step over it)
2nd pic is 3 diverters and something I always see online
3rd pic is setup ive thought of but NEVER can find online


diverter1 (2).jpg

diverter1 (1).jpg

And for those who are fixated on the lines on the feeder i do plan on moving it closer to the filter so the line is straight.. but its not a priority for me


Again, if anyone has some good advice i say thanks in advance... !


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May 3, 2007
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The reason for 2 3-way valves is so that you can completely isolate the heater and even remove it if necessary while still being able to run the pump. With only one 3-way, you can only shut off the flow to the heater but not isolate it. It just depends on your objective.


Mar 28, 2015
East Moriches
for some reason i just cant get this stuff to sink in... even if i had the one 3 way and 1 2 way i would still be able to remove the heater if necessary no? Either way the return to the heater is closed using the 2 or 3 way

Maybe i should just stop over thinking and go with the 3 2ways... figured i save a few bucks going the 3 way route and have the DIY a little less time consuming (not really by much actually)

Thanks again for the info though
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