Thinking of a new pump and filter


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Aug 12, 2008
Hey gang,
I finally got my pool filled and all hooked up today. I had a leak over the winter where the pool drained to about a foot, so I hired a pool guy to come out and help me find it and neither of us can find it?? He is stumped and so am I. So I just filled it and see what happens. It has seemed to stay at the same level for the past two nights, so I don't know what is going on.

Back on topic, I set up my filter and pump and it is on its fifth season and looking at my equipment I think I may want to redo it all. The sand tank has a leak because I stripped the thread for the drain. I tried everything, but still seems to leak, it is not allot, but it is a leak. The pump started right up, but when I went to back wash, the pumped seemed to jerk and was spinning until it caught. I shut it off and it did it again. So I am thinking about upgrading to some better stuff, before I have problems later on in the summer. Can anyone recommend me a good filter. I mean should I stay with sand or get a cartridge? I like the sand filter, it is pretty easy and I have used them for years (parents home), so I know my way around them.

Now for the pump, I have a pump with a built in timer and I love that feature. But I would like a better pump, maybe a bit quieter, timer would be a bonus. I also need a three prong cord end as my electric is set up for that three prong locking outlet. I guess in short, I want a new set up, I have a ABG Pool and it is 21'. If anyone has any advise, I would love it. Thanks NJ>>


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Jul 30, 2010
Twin Cities, MN
I lost my drain cap on one filter, so I replaced it with one of those rubber caps with a pipe clamp, much like a fernco. No leaks,even with the pump running. I see not need to replace your filter if that is your only problem with it.

As for the pump, are you shutting it off before switching valve settings? If not that is hard on the pump and potentially the valve as well.

5 years is not too old for most pool equipment. What are the model numbers for you current filter and pump?

We can recommend proper sized equipment for you pool, but I thought I would ask these questions first.