The TPF Method Works


May 4, 2020
Anderson, TX
Pool Size
Liquid Chlorine
I know I'm preaching to the choir, but it is still amazing how quickly you see results.

Our pool was completed a few weeks ago and was a green lake due to our tap water. Once the builder was able to introduce chlorine, it turned blue, but was still kinda cloudy. Their "pool school" started with a bottle of test strips and I just kind of rolled my eyes. Once the pool was handed over to me, I broke out the Taylor test kit and started measuring and adjusting to get everything within TPF guidelines. Within a day of getting the levels corrected, the cloudiness went away and the water was beautiful. I've been monitoring it for a little over a week and happened to glance into the pool this morning on my way out the door. The pumps were off and the water was perfectly still. I had to take a couple of pictures to share - the water clarity blew me away.

The builder just finished the dirt work. He still has to come out and fix the one scupper line that was installed about 3/4" low and put the actual scuppers in place (back ordered, like everything else in the world right now). But hey, we're swimming!

For reference, the stool tops are about 18" below the water's surface and the drains are at 6' deep. Please ignore the leaves, my pecan is dropping them like crazy. I'm sure they're in the skimmers by now, waiting for me to get home and dump them. 😒