Thank you for the help

Jun 4, 2008
New Jersey
I just wanted to say thanks to all the helpful people posting and answering on this board. I had been suffering with Baquacil for the past three years since inheriting the pool after buying our home.

Last summer I had it - I have a 30,000 gal inground pool that never got even close to clear with Baquacil. The pool store guy was more than happy to sell me baqua shock at 16 bucks a gallon. Each time I would take a sample for water testing he would gleefully tell me I had no oxidizer and instruct me to buy more. 'What else can I do?' I asked. "buy more of this and more of that" he tells me. It was all useless. At one point he came close to physical harm. I was ready to get a bulldozer and fill in the pool.

I found this site, and this year I followed everyone's conversion advice. After 5 days of not doing much more than dumping in a lot of chlorine I have a beautiful sparking pool. I will look forward to daily water testing since I know the result is beautiful water and hundreds of dollars in savings by not buying useless chemicals. My new pool stores are Home Depot and Aldi's.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.


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Apr 28, 2007
twpiv...Congratulations on the conversion from Baqua. It is amazing your first post and you are finished with the conversion. I am very happy the info is there to help all. Great Job and welcome :-D