Testing for Free Chlorine


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Jul 21, 2018
Richmond, TX
Taylor k-2006 test kit. The instructions say to use 2 level scoops of the R-0870 powder, and offer no alternative instructions for 10ml vs 25ml samples. I have been using 2 scoops on a 10ml sample. Just read a post that says use 1 scoop for 10ml vs 2. Have I been testing wrong all this time? Are my test results inaccurate if I use too much powder?


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Jul 10, 2009
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Hi, welcome to TFP! You can use one or two scoops, it will not affect test results. If you are testing very high levels of chlorine you can use two scoops to insure the chlorine is not bleaching out the powder, but you only need one scoop to perform the test.
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