Tester kit, how to use?


Oct 6, 2010
Hello Guys,

I received my water based testing kit, the only test I'm having a bit of difficulty with is the CYA test. The test strips go off the chart when I tested the CYA and I understand they are pretty much useless but I expected my CYA test from the water based kit to indicate it being high too. Main reason is I've stupidly been using chlorine stabalized granules as my chlorine source and didn't realise this increases the CYA too, so with this assumption I expect the readings to be high. I'm going to refill the tub but before I done this I was waiting on my test kit to arrive (palintest 315c), so I could see the damage first.

The CYA test has me put a tablet in a measured amount, its a 2 tube test, inner and outer, the instruction manual says "insert the square inner tube into the outer tube then, viewing from the top, move inner tube up/down until the black spot on the bottom is just no longer visible" in the solution. Now I'm stupidly asking, how accute must your view line be? as the solution is cloudly, the more acute, the more particles your vision has to penetrate to view the circle. The inner tube has a top on it, so I can't view directly down so I assume its from a very acute angle, i.e. just passed the top of centre, by definition, is this what "viewing the the top" means? I just wish to check this, as stupid as this question sounds, because the answer could change significantly based on my view.

I tried twice and the black dot remained visible throught out (viewing angle, problably about 45 deg from top) so i assume this is a users intepretation problem, as I still assume the CYA is high, until I can get a confident test with the water based kit.

Sorry again for the silly question...

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