Test Kit question.


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Mar 26, 2008
In the past I ran a BBB pool and used the test kit that I got from Ben over at pool solutions. That has been a long time ago and his site is no longer working, (at least for new folks) I have 2 questions. Is the test kit sold here similiar to the one he sold? And is this test kit as valuable to those using a salt water pool as it is the BBB pool. I have never done the salt water system before, but am going to use it this time around and have not had time yet to do all the research on how to test the water. I want to get the best kit for my kind of pool. Also what about those strips for salt water that I saw listed for salt. Would I need those as well? thanks so much.


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May 7, 2007
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Yes, the TF Test Kit is very similar to Ben's kit. The tests are the same, though the packaging is slightly different (slightly better in my opinion).

All of the tests in the TF Test Kit are just as applicable to salt pools as to regular pools. With a salt pool you should also get the salt test strips.


The salt test strips in the TFtestkit are MUCH better than the drop based test that Ben included in the PS234s (which he never got to work properly because of dropper tip problems). They are every bit as accurate and much easier to do (and MUCH harder to do incorrectly!)