Temps dropped - Ok wow, time to dial back output!


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Apr 8, 2007
Waaay NW MN
My Aqua Rite has been operating just great since we installed. In the last days we had so much tree pollen float into the pool it looked like snow and then another storm that dumped a ton of tree junk in the pool so I dialed up the output for a bit of a shock level after dipping out, then brushing and ran there for the last two days. The temps dropped after the storm, water cooled off and cleared up at the same time.

I just tested again - YOWSA - 28ppm FC - 0 CC. Better dial back a bit eh? The FC definitely holds better/longer in the cooler water which probably saved me from a bloom after all that junk landed in there. BTW, nobody swimming yet, water is kinda chilly for us babies .....brrr

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