Taylor K-2006-C test kit with a Speed Stir, three #9198 sample tubes with stirring bars, a sample sizer and the Taylor K2042 MPS interference remover


Nov 29, 2020
San Antonio, Texas
Pool Size
Liquid Chlorine
Makes for an efficient testing process as all of the tests can be completed without stopping to clean any equipment. The double folded, terry cloth towel, absorbs the water from the sample sizer process (note to file.... ensure washing machine is empty before testing begins). Speed Stir allow focusing on proper drop counting & recording (working in standing position...big plus). Water sample bottle is a 4 oz size with pouring cap. Labeled the three sample tubes and dedicated one to each of the three tests FC & CC, TA and CH.

Easy cleanup of testing equipment in laundry sink. All equipment fits in the Taylor kit case. The Pool Math app makes record keeping and determining chemical dosing a piece of cake.

Taylor K2006C  pic1.jpgTaylor K2006C pic2.jpg
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