Taylor CYA test


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Aug 3, 2008
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I've been an occasional reader/lurker here for a few years and we've had our pool for 12 years, but we only recently (as in yesterday!) shifted to the BBB method. Up until this year, we've been OK with the pool store approach to keeping things in balance but this year it seemed that chlorine became hard to manage. Knowing what a wealth of knowledge TFP is, I came here and read up (again) on pool chemistry, specifically CYA. Due to our long-term use of chlorine tablets/sticks, it seems we'd been accumulating CYA over the years and this year we had levels approaching 100ppm. After a couple cycles of dropping the water level and topping off, we're now down to a manageable 80ppm or so. Still high, but we'll get it down.

My question is about the Taylor CYA test. We've got the Taylor K-2005 test kit, which is similar to the K-2006. Unfortunately, I saw that recommendation AFTER we'd already shelled out $65 for the 2005. But the CYA test appears to be the same. In any event, I wonder about the variability of the test due to ambient light. It seems to me that how much solution is in the tube before the black dot disappears is highly dependent on whether you do the test outdoors in bright daylight or indoors with dimmer light.

Anyone else have doubts about their CYA tests using this method? Anyone know of any other methods to measure CYA?


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Jun 5, 2012
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It is best to do the CYA test outdoors with your back to the sun while holding the view tube at about waist level. If sunlight is not available, find the brightest artificial light you can.

Here is a link to a complete set of extended test kit directions. Scroll down until you find the CYA - Cyanuric Acid post (about halfway down the page).


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Apr 2, 2011
I have just purchased the Leslie pool version of the 2006 and I believe it to be the same. I test mine in the ambient light. I'm at 70ppm.

I too have noticed that my cya is climbing. I believe it is the 3" pucks and I am thinking about switching to the bbb method. I have not been completely comfortable about tossing bleach in the pool though and have had some people recommend that I not do that.

I need to knock down the cya levels before they become destructive.