Tahoe Blue Pebbletec Pictures

Apr 24, 2017
Can others please share their pictures of pebbletec Tahoe Blue? We are leaning towards this color but would like some real pictures that haven't been altered. If you were considering Tahoe Blue and went with something else, please feel free to share! Thank you!


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Jun 7, 2011
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Hey Soupy,

Welcome to TFP!

That's a common color, and I am sure you'll get some feedback and pics from some members here. Good luck on your build, and enjoy the forum.


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Jun 21, 2016
Here are several photos of our pool, which is Tahoe blue pebbletec with luminous glass beads added (in jade mix). The beads do not really alter the water color, but they enhance the pebble finish and sparkle a bit.

The color changes a lot depending on the lighting. It is evenly blue/green, but in bright sun, it is bright aqua, which is most the time. In the evenings it appears quite dark and sometimes it looks almost royal blue. When swimming, it looks very similar to tropical Caribbean water like you might see when snorkeling. The color is intense.

We chose it because we like dark finishes, but also like color, so this seemed like a good compromise. Also, we have colored LED lights and Tahoe blue is about as dark as one can go and still have the colored lights show up well.


Apr 24, 2017
@yankeelawyer Thank you so much for the beautiful images. Your pool is gorgeous and so is your backyard!

It appears that we are moving forward with the Tahoe Blue but omit the luminous glass. I'm sure we would love it if we got it, but we are putting the money saved into getting a better screen to keep No-See-Ums out.

Now, if we could only pick out our pavers we would be set and our minds would be at ease. :)


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Jul 11, 2016
cary, nc
We were between Tahoe Blue and Caribbean Blue. We were not adding anything to either color. We saw 2 pools of each color in person and we decided with Caribbean Blue. Tahoe Blue had a tint of green that we just did not want.


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Nov 7, 2007
Our Pebbletec pool is now 20 years old, and still looks brand new! I've brushed it down approximately 8 times in the last 20 years, but hasn't received any other maintenance! Considering acid washing now, but I can't imagine it looking any better than it does right now! We have the amazing PCC2000 in-floor cleaning system, which has surely helped to preserve the Pebbletec all these years!
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