Switching from pucks to bleach


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I'm going to make the switch from pucks to bleach. I'm a new pool owner (1st year) and found this site and have been reading about BBB and the use of bleach, while continuing to use the in line chlorinator with pucks. Just a few questions. I know this is somewhat of a loaded question and it will vary, but on average, how often and how much bleach is added/needed? Do I add a little each day to maintain a level or monitor my chlorine level and wait for it to drop a few ppm before adding? To add it I just dump it in right in front of a jet, correct? Finally, (probably a dumb question but I have to throw it out there) this will not harm the liner of my IG vinyl pool, or have any other negative effects correct?

Thanks for any input.


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May 7, 2007
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As long as you pour bleach slowly in front of a return jet while the pump is running there won't be any damage at all. If you pour bleach directly onto the liner with the pump off there is a possibility of damage.

Most people add bleach once a day. Average usage is around 2 ppm of chlorine per day, though that varies quite a bit.


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A good rule of thumb I've run across here is to take about 2 minutes to slowly pour in a gallon of bleach in front of a return. I usually point mine up to get a good ripple effect on top of the water. Your mileage will vary on chlorine usage whether you use liquid or otherwise. Start with using the minimum and target valus here in the chlorine/cya chart in pool school.


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2-3 seconds works nicely!! :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Hi, Rob,

Sorry for the attempt at humor.....but I was making a point at the same time.

Chlorine is not the evil monster many folks assume. In fact it probably approaches being one of the finest discoveries on the planet. You are currently drinking it (about 1-3ppm) if you are on city water.

It is used in washing machines all the time at ppm's up to around 300 with absolutely no harmful effects. (well, it sorta' takes the "stretch" out of the elastic in your underwear, jammies, sweats, etc. but it usually takes a couple of years to do that)

So, the levels of chlorine in your pool are perfectly harmless if you will stay within common sense, reasonable guidelines. Most of us swim readily at shock levels......I am comfortable in levels way beyond that but shock levels are easy to remember so that's a guideline we all suggest.


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Rob621 said:
Great! Thanks for the input. One last question, any one brand better than the other or is bleach, bleach?
Sodium Hypochlorite is the stuff. All that matters is concentration. And quick turnover, as it degrades with time. They had a pallet of it at my local Lowes at a decent price, but the cases looked like they'd been out there a while, so I passed on it. Avoid scented stuff, but otherwise just crunch the numbers to figure out if 6% at Walmart is cheaper than 10% at the pool store, or whatever.


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I use adding bleach as one other thing I can do to strengthen back, tummy, and leg muscles. I go around the pool and kneel down in front of each return, going around pool twice, to set bottle in water (to prevent splashing) to pour some in front of each return. That's for one 182 oz jug. If adding two jugs I'll go around three times.

My pool, 25K, with more than usual organics going in, searing Texas sun (and heat) most of the day, medium, big and one GIANT doggies in and out of pool several times a day, uses up about one Wally World, 182 oz jug or a little more, each day. I usually put it in at night after everyone has finished swimming for the day. As the temps are heating up and sun becoming more blazing I'm going to have to increase that a bit. Sometimes I go two days, but if I wait a little too long, the FC gets a little below the target range. I usually take it up a little above target but not to shock. After a few minutes it's fine to swim in or let the doggies swim.

I can count on adding two 182 oz jugs every other day so I either dump one in at night or two if I've gone more than 24 hours. It becomes pretty predictable so I don't have to test each time.

If the bather load goes up I do test before adding and make sure to not skip a day.