swimming with the black spots?

Aug 8, 2007
North Texas
My first post here! Yay!

I've been a guest for several days and have read most of the entire site regarding anything to do with clearing up algae and proper chemical balancing. I am completely converting to BBB. Unfortunately I am not in a position to order the nice test kit yet but will do so at my first opportunity. I do however, have the strips that give TH, FC, pH, TA and CYA, so I know that its not the best but it has given me a good ballpark to work from. Before finding you I had a very green pool and now the water is crystal clear without spending a fortune at the pool supply store! My wallet and I thank you!

My current test strip readings are:
TH 400
FC over 10 (dark purple-been keeping it there as much as possible)
pH ~7.6
TA 100
CYA ~30

the CYA was low and had a hard time keeping the chlorine high but I added some stabilizer yesterday and it is coming up. Also the pH was very high a few days ago and that has started to come down. Everything sounds great except for one little problem I have left--black algae :cry:

the pool was installed in 1980 according to a neighbor it has a plaster finish but is very very rough (i suspect the previous owners had an acid wash done to clean the pool before selling). It has a lot of "graying" is spots...is this the concrete underneath coming through?? the pool has gone black from vacationing in the fall last year and as a result we have been battling these black spots ever since (all the rain in north texas this spring didnt help any). We are planning to drain and bleach/acid washing the pool in the spring before opening it back up for the new season. Here's the main question-with the water balanced is the pool swimmable with the spots still on the walls? It's not "floating" algae like the green and yellow stuff so I wasn't sure. The family would really like to get some use out of it this year. Thanks.
Aug 8, 2007
North Texas
Thank you. I'm sure my husband will give me a big "I told you so" but felt I needed to make sure. Looks like a hot weekend here in north Texas, the kids will be excited to finally be able to go swimming in our own pool. I'll have to let y'all know when we start to do our drain and remodel work.