Suspended Metals or what


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Jun 4, 2008
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New member transfer from PF and long time lurker. Don't know where I'd be without you guys so, a million thanks...

I just did the ascorbic acid treatment (with good results) and have a couple questions.

I understand that the sequesturing agents don't remove the metals, only suspend them. Do they suspend them to the point that they get trapped in the filter (DE) and will come out when backwashing? Something tells me the answer is no. But then why has my PSI gone up 5 since I started the treatment 1 1/2 days ago.

I bought Ascorb-X from the pool store ( I know, but I wanted to do it NOW!) and it says to backwash after 48 hours, so is that making the pressure go up? If not, any ideas what is?

It also says not to oxidize for one week. A sticky I read says to GENTLY start raising chlorine after 48 hours. Think I'll be ok starting my SWG after 2 days? No allege yet and really don't want to give the pool store more money for polyquat.

Thanks for your time and help..

FC 0 (for treatment)
CC 0
TA 90 (after baking soda addition today)
PH 7.2( " " " )
Cal 320
CYA 40
Borates 30
never tested for metals


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Welcome to TFP!

Sequestrant suspends the metals in the water in a non-reactive state. Sometimes the metals will clump together enough to get filtered out, but that is very very rare.

You should be fine starting the SWG after two days. Keep an eye on the pool and if any stains start to reappear turn down the percentage and add more sequestrant. It may be a little while before you start holding a FC level.