Sunny John

Sunny John

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Jun 2, 2007
Hi All,

Found this forum after not being able to register on the "other" one - glad to see many of the same posters are here. There's a wealth of knowledge here.

We've had our pool more thant 15 years (was here when we bought the house) and we've learned a few things along the way...but it's clear there's more to come.

IG Vinyl, 22K gals, DE filter. Have experimented with many "systems" because our first season at pool newbies with Bioguard chlorine (I think) was horrible. Then to Baq, then off that - quickly - to others that are compatible with chlorine (pristine blue, frogger....). I am
intrugued with BBB and may cut over to it.

Hope I can contribute here, though it might be what not to do, to avoid the problems we've had.

Great forum !