Suggestions for using Jack's Magic Copper and Scale


May 28, 2019
San Jose, CA
Recently bought a house and it came with a pool. It wasnt kept up for a month or two, and it started to go green. So I shocked it and put in algaecide (maybe did this twice, and used 6-1 chlorinating tabs in between), and it seemed like the last time I did it the next day or two a really bad stain developed. It looked like dirt. I had a pool guy come out to show me how to use the equipment and he thought it was algae or organic. He said just get an algae brush. It didnt brush out, didnt go away with more algaecides, or after rubbing a chlorine tab. I then started on metal stain treatments, and metal sequestrants didn't work, and the vitamin c test turned the area black for a few hours. I thought it was copper, and bought a 5lb bucket of Jacks Copper and Scale to test, and the stain lifted fairly quickly when applied directly via sock. So I bought another 10lbs, followed the instructions with setting up the chemistry, and put in Jacks and let the pump go 24/7 for a few days. There wasn't much of a difference if any. Maybe in some areas it was a little lighter, but not much of a difference. I did another sock test with some of the left over Jacks, and the stain did lift again when directly applied. I bought a bunch more, enough to do two 15lb treatments, even though my pool is only around 11K, but I'd thought I'd check here first to see if there is something I should be doing that isnt in the directions on the package.

What I did the first time was:

Made sure chemistry was about PH 7, TA of 80. I have some other issues with high hardness readings (400-500), and high CYA (a little over 100) that I can't address until I drain, which I plan to do after removing the stains.
Vacuum pool
Backwash filter
Added CuLator 1.0 in skimmer baskets and 4.0 in pump basket
Add suggested amount of acid
Added Blue Stuff
Added Copper and Scale
Did a brushing
Let pump run 24/7 for about a week. I did a manual vacuum in that time

I was doing everything based on 11K gals, so I guess I will try 15K (15lbs). Or are my expectations off cause the sock test worked fairly quickly, and just need to keep repeating this at 11K treatments? This is starting to add up when combined with the other sequestrants and stain removers I tried before Jacks, and now CuLators and more Jacks. I want to make sure I'm efficiently using this stuff. Should I leave the pump off for a bit after adding the copper and scale to do the brushing to let it sit a bit? Should I just dump have the water now to address the hardness and cya levels? I think the high CYA is already messing with the chlorine levels, so maybe thats effecting these treatments.

EDIT:, BTW, these pictures are a few days after the treatment.


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