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May 8, 2017
What exactly does a remote cleaner do compared to a suction cleaner and how does it work without using the pump? I currently have a Hayward suction cleaner that sucks but not in a good I need advise on what to get. I have a variable speed pump and my main problem is my pool cover. I have been thinking about getting a new vacuum for my pool and like the look and reviews on this model.....- Kreepy Krauly Kruiser - My question concerns my pool cover which is 16 mil thick and I use it to cover the entire pool all the time except when swimming. I have a suction side mount for the vacuum to be plugged into but as with my other vacuum, I noticed that the hose gets stuck as it rubs against the pool cover and thus doesnt work well unless I remove the cover or help the hose and vacuum along so as to pick up the dirt. Will I have the same problem with this vacuum and if so would any other type of vacuum work better for me. I do have a pool service company but they only come out once a week and so with wind and bugs and leaves which get into the pool daily I usually find that I have to use a skimmer by hand once I get in because much of the debris is caught on top of the cover and the vacuum hose is stuck most of the time under the cover. Can you please advise me. Also the cover has a crusty white film which I think is the accumulation of either chlorine that dries or maybe hard water minerals. Is there a product which will help break down this white crusty film that forms every day on the top of the cover? My pool is not a salt water pool.I was wondering if a water softener installed for the whole house would help reduce the calcium build up in the pool as well since I fill it with the same water from the hose. Lots of problems. Appreciate any help offered. Debbie.P.S. this is my first post and I couldn't figure out how to start a new thread.


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Aug 10, 2012
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Robotic pool cleaners plug into an outlet near the pool and have their own built in pump(s) amd/or motors to drive them and provide suction for cleaning. So, there is just a cord from the robot to the power pack. I run my robot with a solar cover all the time. There are no issues with it at all. Also, most robots do a much better job of cleaning the pool than suction or pressure cleaners do.

Add your pool info to your signature so that we can help you with your pool and make suggestions for the best tobot. More here about what to put in your signature and how to do it, Pool School - Read This BEFORE You Post

We can definitely help you with white crusty deposits in your pool. Tell us how you test your water and give us so excited test results to diagnose the problem.

Also, do some reading here, ABCs of Pool Water Chemistry And here, Pool School - Getting Started to familiarize yourself with what we teach and the lingo.

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