Still trying to gain confidence, guidance please!


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Sep 11, 2019
25,000 gallon vinyl liner in ground pool with salt water generator.
Pentair super flow variable speed pump
And Pentair DE filter.
I read and read but still get confused.

took cover off to green (can I ask how normal this is amd if I can try to prevent in the future? Guy closed for us since we hadn’t felt confident enough yet).

I have ordered a test kit but it didn’t show yet and bc I had just got water and leafs off tarp cover and rain was starting, took cover off. I added 2 bottles pool shock and 1 bottle bleach (6%) I will say all old stuff from last year that I had and from what TFP has taught me, it won’t be as potent/work as well. I regret taking cover off since we have tree debris floating so I’m trying to brush and scoop as often as possible.

I took water to be tested at pool store and this is what they reported (but told me pump should run 48 hours before readings are accurate and mine had not, thoughts?)

FC 3ppm
TC 3ppm
CC 0 ppm
PH 7.2
Hardness 90ppm
Alkalinity 67ppm
CYA 10ppm
Copper 0.2ppm
Iron 0ppm
Salt 2200ppm

so I know not to trust these results but until kit shows felt I needed something.

When you pull cover off and see green how much shock or bleach should I add? Pool store thought more but I wanted to reach out first. Pictures to show rets in less than 24hrs.

what would you all do next?
Anyone familiar with my pump? I know there are settings for speed and on off but we left on and thouggot it would stay on. When we woke was off. When we hit on nothing happened as it used to. I had to hit a speed number then it came on. I’m guessing the book will help with this but after trying to read it still felt lost. And when I backwash it doesn’t seem that dirty which is shocking. 🤔 not sure about when to add salt and something about shutting something off for 24hours after adding salt but then was confused what that was or how to do it. I think what I’ve read has all clumped together 😢

Any thoughts or tips are welcome! TIA


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what would you all do next?
Just brush and sweep. You can add one gallon of liquid chlorine each day until the kit arrives, but don't try to adjust anything else or take any actions the store told you. Much of it is wrong anyway. The more junk you can get out of the water now, the better the SLAM Process will go. But stock-up on chlorine and read that SLAM page. Keep cleaning and wait for the kit. Once you get the kit, very simply:
- Ensure you have a CYA of 30
- Lower pH to about 7.2
- Increase the FC to "12" - FC SLAM level ... and maintain it as much as you can until you pass all 3 SLAM criteria.
- We'll help you with the other levels after the SLAM Process.

We'll be here to help.
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