Spa Draining Slowly


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May 4, 2017
Fresno, CA
When I purchased my used spa I attached a garden hose to the drain valve and turned it counter clockwise and water was coming out. I came back 5 hours later and the spa was still almost half full! Water was barley creeeping out of the valve. Bad valve or is this normal?


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Feb 17, 2017
Dahlonega, Georgia
It would not be normal. My first thought is debris blocking the water. If you have access to compressed air, and you're sure the blockage is not in the hose itself, you might try blowing out the drain tube from the exit side.


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Jun 18, 2016
SW, Iowa
No idea what type of drain valve your spa has, mine has a drain valve built into the base. It is just a plastic cap screwed on, with garden hose threads, pulling outward on the cap or hose opens the valve. It's sort of recessed and awkward to get the cap off and the hose on without pulling it out and opening the valve. It's small and slow and it would probably take an hour to drain the tub that way.

I use my weighted pool vac and hose to drain. I put the vac head in the footwell, push all the hose into the water until it's submerged and filled with water. Then put my hand over the end and pull it out of the hot tub. It will create a siphon and the large vac hose drains the tub fast. My tub is on an elevated deck, it creates a powerful siphon and drains 95% of the water really quick. This video illustrates it easily.

Once it's flowing use the vac head or pull it off and use the end of the hose to suck out any dirt or sand that's in the bottom, just keep it submerged so you don't lose siphon. After the tub is mostly empty I pull the drain valve and let the rest of the water drain through that, probably less than 5 gallons.