Something is not right here - water coming out of pump when lid off - gunk inside...

Mar 3, 2013
Equipment was all replaced about 6 seasons ago or so. This year i'm having some problems.

First - The pool ran for a day or so without skimmer baskets in.

I noticed when turning on pump a bunch of gunk that got thru is going down into the pump basket when i start the pump. However when I turn off the pump that gunk gets sucked back into the plumbing so I can't grab it. Also water is just pouring out of the pump when I remove the lid. I've never seen this happen before. Typically I open up the filter air valve and i hear the air and water running back into the pool.

Any ideas why the water is pouring out like this and also how I can capture the gunk inside the plumbing ?


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Oh to add - I also noticed that it seems like my Quad DE filter lid didn't seat onto the bottom like it normally does when I put everything together. I clamped down just fine but it had a gap that I don't remember seeing before. Also i'm not registering any pressure on my gauge. I'm assuming the gauge just is not working any longer but not sure if this has to do with the seating of the lid.


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Feb 3, 2014
Central Minnesota
Do you have any valves on the suction side before the pump? If you can close those valves before opening the pump basket, that will prevent flow into the pump or back into the pool so you can open the pump basket and remove the debris. Closing those valves would also prevent your pump from overflowing when taking off the lid.

It sounds like your pump is at a higher grade than your pool surface, correct? If so, water should drain back to the pool if the valves are open and the pump lid is off. I've never had water come from the my filter back into the pump when opening the basket but your equipment layout might be unique. Perhaps a photo would help. If you could add the details of your pool to your signature Edit Signature that would be great too!