Skinman's new pool test results


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May 29, 2008
SE Michigan
Pool is done. I'll post pics after the upgrade. Here are my results with my cool new TF 100 test kit.

6/7/08 - Day it was done and filled (1 1/2 9000 gal. water tankers)

PH: 7.2
Cl: 0
TA: 380
CYA: 0

6/10/08 - 3 Days after using things I've learned here. Stabilizer, Bleach, Aeration ....

PH: 7.3
FC: 3.5
CC: 0.5
TC: 4.0
TA: 180
CYA: 30

I dropped the TA by keeping the PH at 7.2 and aerated by turning the outlet towards the surface and throwing my wife, kids, dad and me in and splashing around like we had ants in our pants. (Waterbear - we don't have a neighborhood full of kids in this rural area, so I threw in whoever came over.)

Still adjusting a little, but getting close.

Thanks for all the help here and I'll see you after the upgrade.