Skimmer Extention Cover...


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Apr 7, 2012
The geniuses that designed my in-ground pool (house/pool are new to me)... made the skimmer lip LOWER than the lip of the pool, so the the water comes out of the lid of the skimmer -- and worse, crap from the pool deck area goes into the pool...

I'm thinking that a pool extension cover would take care of this (albeit at the cost of having a trip-hazard on the pool deck)... because then the lip of the pool would be below the top of the skimmer.

When it comes time to redo the deck (which is something planned in the near future) I can grade things so that the trip hazard goes a way...

What say you?

Is that extension made water tight?

Anything else you can add would be much appreciated!

Thanks, again, as usual,


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May 20, 2007
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What type of pool do you have? It sounds like a fiberglass shell. These often pitch the skimmer some so keeping the water level a bit lower than otherwise expected is normal.

The extension is not water tight, nor should it be.

It sounds like the collar/frame that is embedded in the deck isn't on straight. It may have settled on a tilt with the deck, resulting in the water escaping when the water is too high.



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Apr 7, 2012
The pool is a diamond bright (sp?) -- concrete. The pool has a drain built into it, and the water comes out the top of the skimmer just around the time it gets to drain height, so I doubt it was designed like that. LOL.

It seems to me that the skimmer lid is simply too low...?

Why should the skimmer extension *not* be water tight? Why have an extension there, if the water can just pour out where the extension meets the housing?


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Jul 21, 2010
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Funny, I was hoping you were asking about an extension for an AG pool. I loose more water out of the skimmer than anywhere else. I put the lid on and the waves in the pool pop it off and onto the ground. When it is on, I get a funny "whoooop" noise.

Anyone extend the skimmer on a AG pool?