Should new seal plate have a slight curve/warp to it?


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Apr 6, 2016
Trying to find out where my leak is coming from and it is leaking at the bottom right bolt and beneath the bolt. I snuggled all 6 up tight when I installed it. I don't see any cracks or anything on the housing, but it appears that the new seal plate is sort of concave (with a slight arch, not flat up against the pump housing face) as opposed to being flat. You can see the gap it makes against the pump (red circles) and the bend (where red arrow is pointing. Is this normal? I bought a new gasket and I'm trying to figure/decide if I should try to tighten that bolt/bolts down (don't want to crack anything though) or if I should back the bolts out and try putting the new gasket in. Or it might just be that my seal plate is defective. The shaft seal is brand new and it's not leaking from the motor above the seal plate, that's why I don't think its the shaft seal. What you guys think?