Should I put a bottom drain or not?


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Hi everyone. I'm putting in my first pool, its a 27" round above ground salt water pool. I have talked with a few guys locally here about putting in a bottom drain valve. One guy I talked to said that I really really should put one in because it makes it much easier to maintain it. The pool dealer says they never install a bottom drain and don't even carry the parts because they are too problematic.

What is the consensus here should I do it or not? Pros and cons? My only concerns are cutting the actual liner to install it and my other concern is the drain valve piping might leak over time and cause me headaches later on in the future. Keep in mind that I live in Canada and winters can be very cold so I do expect that the pool will fully freeze up.


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May 19, 2010
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There is no consensus. They are really not required to maintain a pool, they do add risk of another area to leak, I suppose they could slightly help the circulation and debris removal.

If you think the pool is going to freeze, I would NOT put in a floor drain that you can not guarantee will be empty during the winter.


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thank you I was leaning towards not putting one in because of the hazards of it leaking and freezing in the off season but you have just made it easier to decide.

With the money saved I'll buy one of them auto vacuuming turtles LOL