Should I be seeing any particles in the water at all ?


May 17, 2010
I am using a DE Pentair 2000 (discontinued) and in daylight the water looks great, sparkling clean. The chlorine and Ph are good. However, at night, if I put the pool light on, you can see particles in the water. I ran the pump for 24 hours (normally I run for about 6 hours and if people are in the pool) and the water looks the same, I can see particles in the water. Last Saturday I cleaned the filter, taking the filters out, hosing them down and added the required amount of DE. The pressure looks good. So, is the filter not cleaning properly or should I expect to see some particles in the water ?

I just started looking after my pool myself. I reckon it is about 15,000 gallons.


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May 19, 2011
Orange County, CA
elwood58 said:
You will see some particle in the water, even with DE Filtration. DE is better than Sand, but cartridges are better than DE at filtering out the fine stuff. There are trade offs all along the way.

Just try and enjoy it.
Hmm. That is opposite of what I've read. Cartridge filters can filter down to about 20 micron particles, but DE, or better, DE replacements like cellulose, can filter down to 2 microns. I used to see "floaters" in the pool, but then switched over to cellulose filter media in my DE filter, and now my water is perfectly clear. If you look at the pool light at night, there are no obvious particles in the water. So, with proper chlorination and filtration, it is possible to minimize particulates in the water.