Shopping for a variable speed pump (Intelliflo)


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Jun 3, 2020
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I have gained some good advice combing through the equipment threads in my quest to purchase a new pump, but need some specific advice. My primary objectives are to significantly reduce noise and save energy costs. So ... I had every intention of replacing my existing 1.5HP single speed pump with an Intelliflo 011028 until I realized the electrical spec calls out for a 20-amp circuit vs. my existing 15-amps.

Intelliflo Manual states: "Circuit Protection: Two-pole 20 AMP device at the Electrical Panel. Input: 230 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 3200 Watts Maximum, 1 phase"
Pentair Website states: 16 Full Load Amps

So ... I have a few options which I am hoping you can either shoot down and eliminate or possibly steer me in the right direction.

First, here are some brief details about my setup:
  • Two-pole 15-amp, 230V breaker: Connected to intermatic timer ... intermatic timer feeding existing pump, 180W SWG, and relay to turn on gas heater.
  • Don't currently have automation, but may consider it down the road ... only if inexpensive to implement (<<$500).
  • 15K gal IG pool; I use a robotic cleaner, but manually vacuum on occasion; spa spills over into pool; have 2 simple waterfalls, 2" pipes

Options I have been thinking of:
1) Simply replace my single speed pump with the 011028. I have no intentions of running at max speed, thus should not be consuming the 16 Full Load Amps. This being said, I suspect this is a no-no due to violation of electrical code. Max load exceeding circuit size.
2) Punt on the 011028 and get the Intelliflo i2 (011060). This pump was designed to be connected to a 15-amp circuit with a max consumption of 11.8 amps. I get every indication I would be 'settling' for this pump. Same cost, less performance ... but cheaper to implement than the next option.
3) Have an electrician install a 20-Amp circuit ($$$$), run conduit about 40 feet on one side of the house, and stick to the 011028.
4) Something else I have not considered

Looking forward to your advice.



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Jul 16, 2012
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Is the 15 amp breaker the max that can go on that? If the wire size is sufficient, and your main panel can handle it, you may be able to replace the breaker because you have the available juice to do it. It’s not that big of an increase. However, I do not know how to check or calculate that.

That said, I have the Hayward equivalent of the 011060. It’s a 1.85 HP, 11 amp VS pump. The smaller Haywards are a few hundred less than the full size models but still get the full VS rebate from my utility. It’s not a very big settle. Less performance (that I don’t need anyway), perhaps less efficiency, but at a lower up front cost. My pump costs less than 50 cents per day to operate for 10 hours anyway and that is not at a really low speed. As a sidebar, I really like being able to see the watts being used by each RPM.


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Oct 4, 2019
I am actually doing option (1) myself. You should get advice on your local electrical code. In my case running a higher rated device on a lower rated breaker was allowed, because the worst that can happen is the breaker trips and cuts out the circuit.
Basically the breaker is there to protect the wiring (not the device), so as long as the breaker is appropriate for the wiring you can plug in whatever you want. I have my intelliflo configured with a 2500rpm speed limit, so it has never even come close to tripping the breaker (based on the power readout on the pump).
Having said that I am in Aus where all power is 240V, so the intelliflo actually just uses a standard socket plug... It doesn't need to be hard wired here. So a very different electrical code to the US!


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Jun 3, 2020
San Diego, CA
Thanks guys. I have some homework to do this weekend in figuring out if my wire is sized for 20-amp. If it is, then this becomes a much easier problem to solve.

I'll also check out the Hayward Tristar to see if this a pump I can warm up to.
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