Seriously considering swg.

Mar 1, 2017
Sunrise Florida
Hello everyone. Recently my fiance and I bought a home with a pool. The pool was in rough shape and a couple of weeks ago we had the whole pool remodeled. New diamond brite finish and pavers on the deck and new coping as well. I think they are called bullet nose coping bricks. Last week I installed a 425sqf hayward cartrige filter with a Hayward 1.65hp variable speed pump and new valves and pretty much redesigned the plumbing because it wasn't properly distributed and sized. Waiting on the sacrificial anod to arrive and I will install it probably this weeked and I already have a check valve at the heater exit. Everything is bonded properly. Now I have been reading quite a bit about swg and there are many things that I really like about it but I'm still a bit concerned about the salt and the diamond brite finish of the pool. Will it shirten life of it and is there anything I could do to make it last at least 10years. I am sure that most in the section of the forumost are bias towards swg but I just want the last push towards the buy now click :roll:



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Aug 10, 2012
Congrats on the new and improved pool!

Salt will have zero impact on the life of your Diamond Brite. In fact, your pool likely already has salt in it and it will continue to increase over time. All forms of chlorine add salt to the pool as does muriatic acid, tap water and people. If you manage your pH, TA and CH as recommended on TFP then your Diamond Brite finish will easily last 20 years and will likely last 30 years.