Sealing travertine

Hello, I was wondering if anyone has used a sealer like DuPont stone tech along with shark grip to seal their travertine pavers. Our deck is about to be installed and was seeing if anyone had any experience with either products. We are having a swg system installed with our pool and really want to seal the pavers, there tumbled and honed so the should be less slippery but want to avoid any stains
Thanks in advance


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Apr 7, 2015
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Welcome to TFP!!! :wave: I'm not much help with personal experience (yet) on sealing..... We did put in travertine decking about 18 months ago but did not seal it. In fact, your thread title caught my eye, because we're hoping to seal ours tomorrow - (power washed today). Another TFP member not far from us had used Aqua Mix Enhance N Seal. He loved the results. I've waited, because I wasn't sure if I really needed to. Even though we have a swcg system, there are a lot of mixed opinions about sealing. I can't say the pavers show any wear, but I decided I liked the look when they're wet after a rain. This particular sealer brings out the patterns and colors much like the rain does. It won't hurt to have them sealed. (we're doing it ourselves)

I've heard good reviews from people on TFP re the DuPont stone tech sealers. But since I had a near neighbor suggest the Aqua Mix, I decided to go with it. I looked seriously at the Dry Treat product, but the expense of installation by a certified group (to get the long warranty) was way out of my budget. It sounds great, but it's a no for me cost-wise, and I couldn't see the 3 week dry time required (at least not here in Houston with our rains).

I do have a question.... You said your pavers are tumbled and honed. I'm not familiar with those (which means nothing!). I have 'filled and honed' travertive which are very smooth with no crevices for the coping and for the deck, the 'tumbled' pavers which are not polished and have many crevices. If your pavers will be smooth (almost polished), you will definitely want the shark grip to reduce the slipperiness. If yours are more like my 'tumbled' pavers, we have not found them to be slippery. I remember reading pros and cons to the the shark grip, so be sure to search that in the search bar at the top of the TFP pages or on google.

I hope some of this helps....

Let us know what you decide to do!



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Jul 16, 2012
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I didn't use Stone Tech but did use Shark Grip in whatever it was. Our concrete is like stamped concrete so somewhat slick, unlike your finish. I found that the Shark Grip either either didn't adhere or wore off easily and provided no discernible grip. Not a big deal for me but I won't bother next time.

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