Sanding/flattening PebbleTec?


Jul 12, 2015
Austin, TX
I got a pretty bad finish on the floor of the pool (think of hand smudges in the plaster), and I wonder instead of trying to force the pool company to fix it, I perhaps could just sand it flat-ish somehow? Is it a good idea? Did someone do that? What could possibly take on the pebbletec, given that it is quite tough material thanks to all the pebbles in it.

The pic below is for the reference, it looks worse in real life. Differences are not that big and are obvious during the night when the light is on. So I think it will need just a very minimal amount of material removed to remove all these shadows in dips.



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Jun 5, 2016
Martinez, CA
Usually you acid wash it which does minimum damage to the pebbles but removes cement. Personally, I‘d think grinding it away will not only change the color but void the warranty. Better to get pebbletec involved and see what they recommend.