Sand in my return jets


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Aug 2, 2007
Athens, AL
Today, while taking my 2nd swim of the season, yesterday being the first....a brisk 72 deg, anyway. I got to looking at my water returns and thought they looked like they could be pointed or aimed...they didnt move, so I took one off and saw that it was not aimable(word?) so I investigated further and found sand, went to the other 2 and also found sand.

Since I have learned and saved the Hayward info, now I just need to find out where the sand is coming from. I dont know where I found it, but laterals is sticking in my that what is the problem? If so, how hard to change? In addition, if I have to tear the filter apart, good time to change sand?

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May 7, 2007
Silver Spring, MD
Sand in the pool is usually a cracked lateral in the sand filter. Replacing one means opening up the filter and getting the sand out, which is a bit of a project, from there replacing them is easy.

You are doing all the work of replacing the sand so it would be simple enough to actually replace it. It is really a question of how old the sand is and how you feel about changing sand. There is no point in replacing one or two year old sand. And some people never replace their sand.