Salt in a non-salt pool?


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Jun 30, 2019
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So my skin is slightly itchy after swimming in my standard chlorine pool. Its really not bad at all but I’ve heard salt water is better for your skin and feels softer.

is there any history of adding salt to non-salt pools? Does this help with pool itch? Part of why I made the decision to go non-salt was of the corrosion potential to the decking, and coping. Possible to add a small amount or better to steer clear?

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is there any history of adding salt to non-salt pools?
Yes. Some people do add a little salt to their non-salt pool. Keep in mind that a pool's salt level will increase over time without adding salt separately due to the sodium in each jug of chlorine. The debate of salt-related rust or its influence on pool chemistry continues, but here at TFP we don't believe a small salt level of 3000-4000 ppm for a salt pool is a major factor in corrosion problems in/around a pool. Most often there are other chemical, weather, or product substance factors that influence corrosion or deterioration on surfaces other than such a small amount of pool salt.


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Jun 12, 2009
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Your logs show you keep your FC on somewhat of the low side. I know it sounds counter-intuitive, but have you tried raising your FC closer to the top of the target range for your CYA? Rarely is chlorine an irritant within TFPC parameters, rather it helps oxidize potential irritants in the water. Might be worth a try, the level will go back down if it doesn't help. That said, a little salt wouldn't hurt anything if you wanted to go that route.