Safety Pool Cover Shape - Oval or Custom??


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Mar 27, 2013
Newark, DE
So my poll is a bit in the middle grey area here, its a 16 x 32 oval but instead of the ends being rounded, they consist of 6 straight edges forming the oval end so it technically isn't an oval, Oval would have 2 straight edges and 2 semicircle ends. Mine is 2 straight edges and 2 ends with 6 straight edges at an angle to form the "oval" with the very end of the pool being a point and not a straight edge like in a grecian. So since custom safety covers are usually a bit more in cost, could I get away with an oval cover or is this a don't risk it thing?



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Jun 16, 2019
Hey Built4 !!!
As long as it’s at least a foot larger on all sides the exact shape doesn’t matter. The only ones I worry about are the free form pools where it curves inward and leaves a pointy area to rub on.