Rust coming in around plastic coping?


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Jun 30, 2019
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Hi everyone! This is my first post, sorry if I’m not putting it in the right place, and thanks in advance for any insights you guys may have!

I bought my house three years ago, and all the pool equipment was already here. I’ve been told by a local pool company that the pool itself is pretty old, it just looks like some one replaced the liner in the last ~8 years or so. Since opening the pool this year, I have had recurring issues with metal staining and the water turning green. Adding stain removing products works for a few days, then the same thing happens. The concrete decking and coping look pretty bad around the edges of the pool, and I am wondering if the reddish discoloration around the coping could be where the metals are coming from? If so, is a repair possible? From what I have read so far, replacing plastic coping seems WAY more involved than I am willing to go for a repair.



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Jan 17, 2012
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Hey there, welcome to TFP :) I love Charlotte, great city! My brother lives in Matthews.

I'm wondering if your ground water doesn't contain some iron which comes up and stains? We would get stains on cement and fences etc from iron in our well water in VaBch.

The pool obviously has algae and needs a SLAM process done to clear it. This is the process of taking your FC up to a specific level and *maintaining it at that level* until the pool clears. The process is spelled out here:
SLAM Process

Do you have any plans to redo your decking around the pool?

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