Round or Oval??


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May 3, 2008
rock springs, wi
First time poster, just getting started looking at AGP. I have room for either a round or oval pool, but can not decide which is preferable. I am thinking about a 24 or 27 round, or an 18 x 33 oval. What types of things should I be considering in making this choice?

I like the idea of a deeper end in an oval, but I do not see many pools with this option for the liner. The only expandable liner I have seen so far is a plain blue one. Also. I can accept an oval with butresses because they will be hidden by a deck, so that is not an issue.


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May 7, 2007
Silver Spring, MD
Welcome to TFP!

It is probably mostly a question of how the various options will fit in with your yard, how you want the deck to be arraigned, etc. Aside from the buttresses there aren't really any significant differences. About the only one I can think of is that it is a little easier to setup a reel for a solar cover on an oval pool since it only needs to span the short dimension.


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May 30, 2007
South Carolina
Welcome to TFP!

SeanB put an article in the April, 2008, TFP Newsletter about installation of AGP's. The Newsletters are at the top of each page in the sub-headings.

The title of the article is: Above Ground Swimming Pool Basic Installation Guide (by) Backyard

You might get some helpful ideas. Good luck :)


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Jan 23, 2008
Burbank, IL
If I had had my druthers I would have a round, but I couldn't fit one of any decent size in my yard. I think rounds would be better just because it is stronger being a perfect circle. The sides of an oval have to be reinforced (buttressed) because they are always trying to push themselves out into a circle.

Having said that, I like my oval. It looks cool.


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Apr 11, 2008
Having been responsible for cleaning both a 28' round, and a 10x30 oval, I would say the oval is much easier to maintain. Taking the cover off is easier. Vac'ing is easier. Swimming laps is more fun. Decking looks better over the straight runs. It looks classier.

The only advantage that I like about a round pool, is that its more structurally sound.


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May 23, 2007
Pros to Oval: You can swim laps

Pros to Round: You can run in circles and get a swift current going

The above opinions are strictly of a professional nature :-D


May 18, 2008
Cedar Hill, Texas
I was having a hard time deciding between round and oval, too. One thing that has been pointed out to me is the fact that the round is easier to install (and less expensive to install if you have a contractor perform the installation). The other thing pointed out to me was the fact that a round pool is less expensive than an oval pool for almost the same volume of water. Take the Aruba 52" pool, for example. An 18' round pool has a volume of 7,186 gallons, while the 12' x 24' oval has a volume of 7,300 gallons. The difference in price for the two is about $1,500.00 at Arthur's Pools. I don't know if price is a consideration for you, but the round appears to be a better value. In your case, a 27' x 52" pool has a volume of 16,177 gallons versus 14,880 gallons in an 18' x 33' x 52" oval. You get more volume of water with the round for about $1,500.00 less.


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Aug 26, 2007
One other good thing about the round is that(assuming you go with a larger round) no matter where you are in the pool, its a long way to the other side. I can swim to ANY edge of the wall, and I always have a 24ft. lap in the opposite direction. The oval, obviously, has a narrow side in addtion to the long side. As far as cleaning goes, I can't imagine much difference there, especially if you have a deck around it. Also as was posted above, you get more water for your money with a round over the oval and it is said to be more structurally sound(although I'm sure the oval pools are fine)


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Apr 8, 2007
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I love my oval and wouldn't have gone any other way. It looks great, is quite sound and can have a Deep end, but our water table under ground was too high. It just depends on what you want to look at.