Retaining wall requirements - Do I need one?


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May 28, 2019
Miami, FL
I've met with a few PB around my area, considered doing OB, but I simply don't have the time, confidence and knowledge to go OB. We interviewed a few PB two companies came out to my properties to look at my yard and neither mentioned a retaining wall. The one PB (highly rated around our area) we liked gave me a reasonable quote, however, the salesman I was dealing with unfortunately lost his wife and is taking time off, so he gave my contact to another salesman. The new guy came out and said "you definitely need a retaining wall" and that's very expensive. I told him the previous person I was dealing with said otherwise, but he's like, yeaaaa no, you need to get me an elevation survey (which is like $400) + the wall is going to be another $4k or more. The pool we're trying to build is only 12 x 28 straight rectangle.

My question, is there a specific requirement that specifies when a retaining wall is needed? My backyard is pitched towards a lake, but I don't think its enough a pitch to require a wall.

Here is a pic of my backyard, my property goes all the out to the light colored cable box. The difference in elavation from my wall to the cable box might be a foot and a half.



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Aug 10, 2017
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Where is the pool going? Is it in the space between screened in patio and the lake? If so you prob need a wall if you want decking on screen or lake side. May be able to grade and feather it out but depends on your side property line. Anybody you know have a laser lever or builders transit? You can make a good enough topo in less than half hour over your existing survey and know for sure what you can do all depends on your decking